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Our current plans!

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Our current plans!

We just wanted to take a moment to let you know that we are very aware of the current health situation in our nation and around the world. Although no one in our Believers’ family has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus, we are taking precautions and measures to ensure that BBC is a clean, healthy, and safe environment for everyone. We will remain in prayer for those that have been infected. Our plan is to continue with our regular Sunday and Wednesday schedules unless further developments occur. Listed below are some things we are doing as well as some things we ask you to do.
WHAT CAN YOU DO? – 1. If you are sick, please stay home.If you have experienced a fever in the last 24 hours or have flu like symptoms please stay home and rest. You can watch Believers Baptist Church sermons on our YouTube Channel. We are in the process but do not currently have live stream capabilities.
2. If you have been exposed to anyone with the coronavirus, the flu, or any other contagious condition please stay home for 14 days (per the CDC).
3. Continue to practice good hygiene by washing your hands regularly, using hand sanitizer, and refraining from touching your face.
4. Pray for our country. Pray for those who are infected and affected. Pray for wisdom for our leaders. Pray for each other. This is our time to shine the love and peace that only Jesus can give
1. We are monitoring information and recommendations from the appropriate authorities and will be making decisions accordingly.
2. Along with our normal cleaning, we will be sanitizing highly traffic/touch areas (light switches, door knobs, pews, bathrooms) will be cleaned and sanitized prior to each service.
3. Nursery and Sunday School classrooms will be disinfected before each service/gathering.
4. We will post signs in our bathrooms to encourage proper hand-washing and personal hygiene.
5. We will discontinue our hugging and shaking of hands during our church service, in order to help reduce the risk of spreading germs.
6. We will continue to remain focused on the Great Commission and the purpose of the church. We will actively seek ways that we can minister to those who are not able to attend our services. We will continue to love the lost and our community. We will trust God for his protection and leading.

WHAT WE SHOULD REMEMBER: – Remember that as disciples of Christ we are called to walk by faith and not by fear. – Remember that we are called to love people, whether they are sick or healthy. – Remember to pray for God’s mercy and wisdom the US and global leaders dealing with this crisis. Looking forward to worshiping together tomorrow,
In Christ Pastor Matt

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