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The Heart Of A Servant

Imperfect people, risking it all, to love God,Love people, and make disciples.

The Heart Of A Servant

The word or thought of being a servant is a forgein or dirty word in our culture today. We want one thing and one thing only. To be in charge. We want what we want and when we want it. We do not want to be told what to do or to do the thing that gains us no attention or clout with our peers. We strive to be on the top of the social pyramid and to stay there as long as we can. This is not what Jesus has in mind for those who choose to be His disciples.

If we look at the pattern of Jesus’ life ,we see that He began His earthly life humbly in a manger, with poor parents.  The only people who honored His arrival were poor shepherds. He grew up in a mundane lifestyle. All the way to His death He was not the King that the Jews sought. He never sat on a throne while on earth or lived a Kingly lifestyle. In fact, in Matthew 8:20, Jesus said that He didn’t even have a place to lay His head. Jesus spent His earthly ministry serving and ministering to others.  In Philippians chapter 2, the apostle charges us to make ourselves servants and make ourselves as no reputation, as Jesus did.

A disciple of Jesus will look at themselves as a servant of the Master. If we are Jesus’ disciples and He asks of us anything, what will our answer be?   Jesus came and served while on earth. Who will you humble yourself to and serve today? Remember you are always serving someone, make sure it’s the One.

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