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Passionately Committed to Jesus Christ

Imperfect people, risking it all, to love God,Love people, and make disciples.

Passionately Committed to Jesus Christ

We all hear the term “being a Christian” or “that is the Christian thing to do”, thrown around very loosely in our Christian circles. The funny thing is that the word Christian or “little Christ” was only ever used three times in the Bible. The Webster dictionary defines the word Christian as , “ One who professes belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ”. While there is no problem with using this term, I am afraid that because of the changing times and the lack of “true Christians” living for Christ, we must look at what we are really called to be. The name Christian today can even just mean a morally good person, or a person with a set of standards that are not longer the socially accepted norm.

The term “disciple” is not new to anyone that has spent very much time in the Bible. No matter what version of the Bible you choose to use, the word “Disciple” is in it at least 255 -280 times. We are not just called to be disciples, which again according to Webster means, “One who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another”,but rather we are called to be Disciples of Jesus Christ. Luke 14:25 is a hard passage for many and this is usually due to lack of understand the passage. In this verse Jesus is asking people that would follow Him to “hate their families” in order to follow Him.

The real meaning of the text is quite simple. Jesus is simply stating that compared to the love we have for Jesus and His work , it should look like we don’t love anyone else comparably. Is this a call from God to not love our families? Absolutely not, Jesus charges us to love,lead and direct our families. But to be a disciple for Jesus should even out shine our love for everyone else. The question you have to ask yourself is simple. Are you a Christian or are you a disciple? 
Pastor Matt

We are about to start a 10-12 week series on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. We hope to see you soon at Believers!

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